Bathroom transformation
Wall Mural
Bathroom transformation
Exclusive floral designs
I am multi-media artist who took to art as soon as I was able to hold a crayon.  As a child I moved with my family to Colorado. While living in the Rocky Mountains I developed an appreciation for the majestic surroundings.  I would often sit beneath the lofty aspen trees with pencils and pad, or near the river with my little paint set.  Years of artistic expression made it clear that my life would be centered upon her passion for art.  After high school, I attended West Texas A & M University where I studied graphic design and nurtured her appreciation for fine arts.

My background and education are in design and fine arts. I am accomplished in using traditional artistic and design methods as well as modern techniques. I have been invited to feature my works in local as well as national shows.
I owned a floral and gift gallery for several years. There I garnered a loyal following for my unique multi-media pieces and exclusive floral designs.

I am now a professional artisan and have added a unique interior decorating page to her growing portfolio as well as a new product I developed called The Kuddle. I live in Plano, Texas with my husband and three children . . . while the baby may follow in time, the two oldest children are embracing the family tradition and are already very accomplished artists in their own rights. 
Original painting by Robin
About the artist ~ loves modern not trendy, classic not conservative, style more than taste, smart enough to be different.

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